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The Full Story

We recreated an age old way of protecting your vehicles from the road deicing campaigns in use all over the country more than 6 years ago.  Since then, we've become experts in the preservation of your various vehicles, no matter the age.  We have developed a process that allows us to back our work with a true warranty of 3 years on the coating, and prove it with third party verification of just how long we expect the service to last. 


We want to introduce Integrity & Innovation to the undercoating industry.

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Bring us your tired, your dusty, your rusty vehicles and we will help you preserve it with a service that is easy to live with and will not create more problems than it solves.  We have seen vehicles with 15-500,000kms on them and have sent all of our clients away with more peace of mind than they could find anywhere else.

Rust is expensive so mitigate it with us!

Wide range

Our unique process, technology and applications are able to be used on virtually any material underneath of your vehicle.

Our wax is safe on ICE powered transportation, as well as hybrid and electrically powered vehicles.  Call to find out why our HoneySeal™ service is safe on your expensive and complicated components on your daily driver, your classic car, or your new exotic.

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