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Dry ice blasting

Chemical & abrasive free cleaning and surface prep

Rust Protection

Call us to discover the benefits and cost of a rust prevention wax application to your vehicle

Vapour Honing

Resurfacing using glass bead and water in a closed loop environment

Metal plating

Zinc and cadmium plating of various fasteners from the engine bay or elsewhere on a vehicle.

about us.

Sublime Surfacing was borne of a desire to attain the best results while cleaning various metal parts and components off of a vehicle as well as chemical free, thorough cleaning of vehicles and equipment.  

Dry ice helps preserve your equipment by removing surface contaminants better than scrubbing ever could.  The process removes microscopic impurities and allows you to protect the surface from further contamination over complex geometries that you would not otherwise be able to clean simultaneously.

Vapor blasting is a process that was developed during the second world war. It was initially used in industry to create surface tension in parts to strengthen them. Rolls Royce used it to strengthen turbine blades before assembly into jet engines.  

The process uses water, micro beads, mild cleaning agents, and air. These components are mixed into a slurry and propelled at high speed toward the surface of a metal part, such as aluminum, brass, as well as mild steel. It seals the surface, resulting in cosmetic enhancement and imparts a micro finish that helps it resist further staining and oxidation.

dry ice cleaning
vapour honing


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